ABRAHAM MATEO “SEÑORITA” from Jota Aronak on Vimeo.

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  1. Artie dice:

    I just had to unsubscribe to a number of channels because of restictions. These record companies don't want Brhpasi/Eurotein fans buying their music nor watch videos. They have done us a great favour by cutting out a mass market; therfore we get to save our money, and they lose. Why should we buy their stuff when they kick us in the face!

  2. respectable dit :Si j’étais GND je flirterais avec les communistes et la go-gauche pendant 5 ans encore et je défroquerais pour devenir conservateur en expliquant une sorte de chemin de Damas. Parce qu’en ce moment même ses propres amis se tiennent loin de lui.

  3. http://www./ dice:

    Monza, go see if you can see the whitecaps! It’s really fun to have a Hurricane Party! There’s no danger, honest! So make sure you’re outside so you don’t miss the storm and all the fun!

  4. Dear Mary, This soup sounds wonderful. I am sure the rosemary adds great flavor to the soup. Of course garlic and bacon are a great combo in any dish, therefore I am sure this soup is a winner. It will make a great starter to your Easter dinner. Blessings, Catherine

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  7. Me acabo de enterar de que has vuelto!! Me alegro, se te echaba de menos.Quizá la madurez sea el llegar a conocerse a uno mismo lo suficiente como para saber lo que se quiere y luchar por ello.

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